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Rewinding and slitting machines for the industry

Start-up, research and development department, service provider or an old-established company that wants to expand its range: You will find the right machine with us.

Unseren Kunden stehen zwei Leistungs- und Budgetklassen zur Verfügung. Dadurch können Sie die finanziell und technisch optimal passende Schneidmaschine aus den beiden Serien EASYline und PROFIline auswählen. Die sehr günstigen Rollenschneid-Anlagen der EASYline-Serie sind robusten Schneid- und Umrollmaschinen mit einem leicht zu erlernenden Bedienkonzept. Sie sind darauf ausgelegt, auch kleinere Aufträge im Rolle-zu-Rolle Verfahren wirtschaftlich fertigen zu können. Das geht nicht zu Lasten der Präzision oder Flexibilität der kompakten Maschinen.

Rewinding and cutting machines of the PROFIline class have a programmable control, servo motors with frequency converter drive and a modern operating concept with touch panel. Due to their higher operating speed, you can also produce large orders economically. Recipes can be stored in the PLC, which can significantly reduce set-up time for repetitive jobs. The more solid construction also significantly increases the running smoothness and service life.

Partly as standard, partly on request, all cutting systems have e.g. a splicing table. Enclosures are also possible if required, as are additional cross-cutting knives, for example. Different tensioning shafts and tensioning heads allow the use of different core diameters and coreless winding.

All machines are updated by us to the current state of safety technology and the requirements of the Machinery Directive. In addition, individual adaptations to your tasks are possible.

The cutting and rewinding machines shown here represent an excerpt from our programme - please feel free to contact us for individual enquiries!

The machines and systems shown here are only a small excerpt from our programme. Please ask for special requests.