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About us

CMC Maschinenbau offers numerous die-cutting machines and cutting systems for film processing, print finishing and generally for processing web-shaped materials.

The range includes rotary die-cutting solutions, innovative slitters, inspection rewinders, digital label processing and turret winders for the print finishing and other web converting industries .

These die-cutting and cutting systems are purchased from large, well-known Asian series manufacturers. We have been working with many of them for a very long time with reliable quality.

The machines and systems are converted to European standards before delivery (CE Declaration of Conformity and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EMC Directive 2014/30/EC). A technical upgrade, e.g. with European components, is also frequently carried out, which makes subsequent procurement much easier. Customer-specific adaptations are realized as far as possible.

As a manufacturer and sales partner, CMC Maschinenbau guarantees on-site service and a 2-year warranty. Particular emphasis is placed on a good price/performance ratio.

CMC Maschinenbau GmbH has been a member of the cmc Group since 2011 and has over 25 years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering.

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Why CMC Mechanical Engineering?

CMC Maschinenbau offers rotary die-cutting solutions, innovative slitting machines, inspection rewinders, digital label processing and turret winders for the print finishing and other web processing industries.

  • We don't build you your own machine - but we are happy to adapt it to your needs. So that you get the maximum possible benefit from it.

  • We don't sell "Porsches" - but our machines will get you where you want to go. The machine must fit the task. So that your products become a "Porsche" for your customers!

  • We don't want to win any beauty prizes, but rather fulfill your tasks as precisely as necessary. That's why our machines and systems are designed to be fit for purpose.

  • Whether you are a start-up, a research department or a long-established company looking to expand your range, we have the right machine for you.

  • With machines from CMC Maschinenbau, you minimize your investment with maximum benefit. In many cases, the amortization period is shorter than the depreciation period.

Competence - Solid technology - Service

Every purchase decision starts with a need for information. Which machine is particularly suitable for my planned application and why?

With over 25 years of experience, we at CMC Maschinenbau can provide advice and assistance in selecting the right machine in most cases - because expertise comes from experience and the application of this experience.

CMC Maschinenbau GmbH does not manufacture any of the machines and systems on offer itself. We buy these machines from large, well-known Asian manufacturers. We have been working with many of them for a very long time and are familiar with their quality.

Based on the robust mechanical design, we supplement the equipment required by the Machinery Directive, EMC requirements and occupational health and safety at our headquarters in Frankenthal. Components subject to particularly high loads, such as shaft bearings, are replaced in some cases with higher-quality components and the electronics are upgraded. We use standard products that are available over the long term so that they can still be procured years later if repairs are required. The final acceptance of the machine is also carried out by us on site during a trial run, which you can attend as a customer.

CMC Maschinenbau supplies you with cutting, printing or die-cutting machines that comply with the latest European standards. They include all the necessary safety equipment and conversion to the European supply network as well as metric, standardized connections.

In addition, we offer on-site installation for the devices and systems we sell, as well as the option of concluding a service contract for maintenance and repair - so that you, as the operator of the machines, have the highest possible availability.

CMC Maschinenbau - Plant engineering for small and medium quantities with prices for the machines and plants that enable rapid amortization. Not cheap but inexpensive!

Long-standing, reliable suppliers

CE Declaration of Conformity

Compliance with the Machinery Directive

Compliance with the EMC Directive

Customized additions possible

Trial operation for acceptance at headquarters

Accessories, spare parts, peripheral equipment

Quality according to plan

We are aware that some customers have already had bad experiences with Asian cutting and die-cutting machines. That is why we pay attention to the highest quality standards when selecting our suppliers and in our work. We like to use the very robust mechanical construction of the machines. We supplement this relatively simple and therefore maintenance-friendly technology with a modern electronic control system, powerful drives and user-friendly operating concepts.

For every die-cutting or cutting machine that leaves CMC Maschinenbau, there is a comprehensive acceptance report with a German (or English on request) circuit diagram and documentation on the installed safety technology.

We do all this so that machines from CMC Maschinenbau leave a good impression - with you and your customers!

What speaks for machines from CMC Maschinenbau?

  • Very wide range of different machines and systems for every requirement

  • Machines from CMC Maschinenbau are very affordable compared to the rest of the industry

  • Designed for ease of use and quick learning; flexible deployment of employees

  • Fast availability of accessories and many spare parts due to corresponding stock

  • Machines are so inexpensive that they are often worthwhile even for small batch sizes.

  • Fulfill all legal and standard requirements of the EU

  • (Machines can be set up without risk to the operator)

  • Relieving the main production facilities of unprofitable, smaller orders

  • Lower sales prices possible due to lower hourly machine rates

  • Employees enjoy working on the machines thanks to the well thought-out, simple operating concept

  • Several machines can be operated by one employee due to the simple handling.

  • Machines can be pre-equipped for specific, recurring jobs.

  • The machines are easy to maintain, but we recommend taking out a maintenance contract.

  • Many machines can be viewed on site in Frankenthal.

  • Use of high-quality components for important functions, e.g. PLC, drive, etc.

  • Formalized processes with checklists and acceptance protocols ensure high machine quality

  • German documentation, German operating instructions, German labeling (other languages on request)

Whatever you produce - CMC Maschinenbau probably has the offer with maximum efficiency and highest precision for you.

At a time when products are becoming more and more customer-specific due to individualization, many large systems are underutilized. With our EASYline and PROFIline slitter rewinders, you can avoid under-utilization, which makes many customer orders uneconomical. Buy the right machine size for your orders - we can advise you!

Our experienced technicians will help you select the right machines and make the best use of them. We guide you from initial contact to commissioning and ensure smooth operation afterwards through professional maintenance.


Planning machines

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Supply of operating resources