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Die-cutting machines for the industrial sector

From the simple lifting die-cut to fully automatic die-cutting machines - CMC Maschinenbau offers a suitable machine for every task.

You can choose between flat die-cutting and rotary die-cutting, with or without cutting unit, with or without laminating station. 

Die-cutting machines are used in many industrial sectors. Primarily in the label industry, where countless self-adhesive films, fabrics and composites are processed into decorative, sealing or labelling shaped die-cut parts. But lifting and rotary die-cutters are also used in leather processing, tarpaulin production, advertising and electrotechnical applications.

The automatic die-cutting machines offered by CMC Maschinenbau differ from each other by several important features:

  • Maximum possible die-cutting format

  • die-cutting process

  • die-cutting speed

  • Maximum die-cutting pressure/height

  • Number of die-cutting heads

Vergleich Hubstanzen vers. Rotationsstanzen vers. Laserstanzen:

Alle drei Verfahren haben ihre spezifischen Vor- und Nachteile. Es kommt daher darauf an, welches Ziel man mit der Anschaffung einer entsprechenden Stanzmaschine verfolgt. Mehr Informationen über die Vor- und Nachteile der drei Stanzverfahren finden Sie hier.

Due to the wide range of possibilities, we can only present a limited selection of flatbed and rotary die-cutting machines here.