Semi-rotary punching machine PROFIline R-320

The semi-rotary die-cutting machine PROFIline R-320 enables the register-accurate production of die-cut parts and labels as well as narrow-cut rolls from any roll materials such as paper, films, adhesive labels and laminates up to 600 g/m². It assembles and controls web-shaped materials up to a width of 320 mm.

Made from a solid steel frame, the robust machine is easy to operate after just a short training period. The speed can be controlled electronically. The machine stops automatically once a preset number of labels or running meters has been reached.

The simple, efficient design of the system enables extremely short set-up and changeover times.

Material to be processed: Adhesive labels, paper, film and laminates up to 600 g/m²

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Semi-rotary punching machine PROFIline R-320

Features of the PROFIline R-320

Steel plate construction

  • Welded steel frame

  • Sides and cover plates made of sheet steel

  • Electronics integrated in the machine housing

  • Connection 400 Volt

Unwinding with pneumatic expansion shaft

  • Magnetic particle brake

  • Right/left unwinding possible

  • Automatic train control

  • Shutdown at end of roll

  • Pneumatic expansion shaft 76 mm

  • Diameter max. Ø 600 mm

  • Max. castor weight 120 kg

  • Material width 100 mm to 320 mm

Web edge control

  • Swivel frame guide

  • Electromotive actuator

  • Max. Web position error +/- 10 mm

  • Infrared edge sensor

  • (Ultrasonic edge sensor on request)

Splice table

  • Integrated in web guiding system

  • Two mechanical clamps

  • Blade guide for cross or diagonal cut

Semi-rotary die cutter

  • Die-cutting length semi-rotary 200mm-450mm

  • Die-cutting length fully rotary 250mm-550mm

  • Trio motion control system

  • Servomotor-driven

  • Optical register sensor by print mark or label

  • 160 teeth magnetic die-cut cylinder

  • 1/8 inch cp toothing

  • Counter cylinder

  • Pressure bridge with pressure bearings and wiper felts

  • Hydraulic die-cutting pressure indicator

  • Adjustable fume cupboard with magnetic particle clutch and 3 inch expansion shaft

  • Without die-cutting tools

Laminating station

  • Unwinding with pneumatic expansion shaft 76 mm

  • Manually adjustable magnetic particle brake

  • Rubberized pressure roller

  • Rewinding with pneumatic expansion shaft 76 mm

  • Manually adjustable magnetic particle clutch

Preferred unit

  • Steel roller

  • Rubberized pressure roller

  • Adjustable contact pressure of the pressure roller

  • Servomotor-driven


  • Silhouette system

  • Eight upper knives

  • Eight bottom knives

  • Minimum cutting width 18mm

  • (Other cutting systems blade and crush cut on request)

2 pieces Rewind

  • Pneumatic expansion shaft for 3 inch sleeves

  • Web tension adjustable via magnetic powder clutch

  • Inner or outer winding fixed

  • (Switchable on request)

  • Roller diameter max. 600 mm

  • Permissible axle weight 120 kg

Suction device

  • Axial fan for extracting an edge strip

Operating and control unit

  • Colour touch display (operating language English)

  • Main switch

  • Control ON

  • Machine START / STOP

  • Set-up function

  • Emergency stop

  • Variable speed through rotary potentiometer

  • Meter and label counter switchable

  • Automatic stop of the machine when the preselected number of labels is reached

  • Track run from left to right

  • Web speed up to 90 m/min in rotary operation, depending on the product

  • Web speed up to 70 m/min in semi-rotary operation, depending on the product

Technical data

  • Electrical voltage: 400 Volt

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • Length x width x height approx.: 4,300 mm x 1,200 mm x 1,800 mm

  • Weight approx.: 3,600 kg