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Precision is essential in industrial cutting and die-cutting processes. But in very few cases is the best possible solution necessary. For all other cases, a balanced solution is needed between the required functionality and the price - this is where the strength of the punching and cutting machines in the EASYLINE and PROFILINE series from CMC Maschinenbau GmbH lies.

Whether paper, crepe, plastics, metal films, PVC tarpaulins or adhesive tapes are to be cut or die-cutted, the system technology should match the application. One of the factors influencing the purchase decision is the planned quantity of material to be produced. The maximum roll weight can also be a challenge. The same applies to the available floor space or the desire to be able to cut or die-cut as many different products as possible. With machine technology from CMC Maschinenbau, you as a customer can achieve efficient yet cost-effective production.

Our experienced technicians will help you select the right machines and make the best use of them. This is because the attractively priced cutting and die-cutting machines in the EASYLINE series and the high-performance die-cutting and cutting machines in the PROFILINE series represent real added value for your business.

Benefit from the decades of experience of CMC Maschinenbau, which pays particular attention to the ease of operation and maximum flexibility of use of the machines on offer. The operating personnel do not need any special training to operate the cutting machines. Induction training is included when the machine is installed. The built-in safety and service equipment protects the operator and prevents premature fatigue. Clearly labeled controls, a clear view of the work area and easy-to-learn operation ensure that the machine operator can control the system quickly and easily.

It goes without saying that all our machines have the CE declaration of conformity and are designed in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EMC Directive 2014/30/EC. To expand our product range, we work as an official sales partner with DACO SOLUTION together.

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PROFIline and EASYline - Two series to suit your needs

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EASYline series

Not every task requires the best possible technology. The EASYline rewinding and slitting machines, die-cutting systems and auxiliary units such as stream delivery or laminating machines are designed for high quality at the lowest possible price. They combine high productivity with low complexity and simple operation with fast deployment. The robust machines are durable and low-maintenance. EASYline machines are often used to relieve the main production processes of small jobs. In this way, the very affordable slitting, rewinding and die-cutting machines can pay for themselves within a short time. However, the low price does not come at the expense of the quality and robustness of the machines.

The EASYline systems can be used very universally, so that they can continue to be used profitably even after the reason for their purchase (e.g. a special customer order) has ceased to apply. The low acquisition costs do not require continuous operation. The simple user interface (usually controlled via a control panel) means that no specially trained and qualified personnel are required.

All in all, EASYline systems enable a particularly low allocation of investment and production costs to the finished product. This improves the competitiveness of your company and makes even smaller orders worthwhile.

PROFIline series

When it comes to high productivity, optimized material handling and large production volumes, the machines in the PROFIline series are the right choice. The cutting machines and die-cutting systems in the professional league are designed for the efficient main production area. The systems and machines are characterized by a modern electronic control system, the option of connection to production planning and a design designed for continuous operation for maximum productivity.

PROFIline machines are comparatively inexpensive despite being designed for massive industrial production use. As a result, the investment and operating costs to be allocated are low and enable cost-efficient, competitive operation of the systems.

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