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Flat die cutting machine

PROFIline F-320 / F-420

The PROFIline F-320 and PROFIline F-420 flat die-cutting machines enable the production of labels and die-cut parts on rolls or sheets from any roll materials such as adhesive labels, paper, foil, laminates and foams up to 600gr./m². They convert and check materials up to a width of 320 mm / 420 mm at a speed of up to 120 strokes/min.

The made of a solid cast iron, robust machines can be operated without any problems after a short training period.

The simple, efficient design of the equipment enables extremely short set-up and changeover times.

Material to be processed: adhesive labels, paper, foil, laminates up to 600gr./m².
Please provide samples before placing an order.
Flachstanzmaschine PROFIline F-320 und PROFIline F-420

Equipment of the flatbed die cutting machine PROFIline F-320 / F-420

Cast iron construction

  • Machine body made of solid cast iron

  • Covered with painted steel plates

  • Sides and cover plates made of sheet steel

  • Electronics integrated in the machine body

  • Connection 240 Volt

Unwinding with pneumatic expansion shaft

  • Magnetic powder brake

  • Right/left unwinding possible

  • Dancer position control

  • Automatic shutdown at end of roll

  • Pneumatic tension shaft 76 mm

  • Diameter max. Ø 700 mm

  • Roll weight max. 240 kg

  • Material width up to 320 mm / 420mm

Preferred unit

  • Preferred unit

  • Rubberized pressure roller

  • Servo drive

  • Adjustable contact pressure of the pressure roller

Web run regulation

  • By means of two light scanners

  • Alignment of the web by adjusting the light scanners

  • Unwinding shifts axially to the web

Register control

  • Print mark reader

  • Presetting of the print mark via touch display

  • Alignment of the web by adjusting the light scanners

  • Unwinding shifts axially to the web

Flatbed die cutting stations

  • Four column lifting die cutter

  • Die cutting length up to 350 mm / 420mm

  • Die cutting width 300 mm / 400mm

  • Die cutting pressure 2.800 kg / 3.500 kg

  • Adjustable grid take-off with friction clutch

  • Suitable for steel strip cuts (12 to 42 mm) or magnetic plate

  • Suitable for complete tools with 65 mm maximum height


  • Stroke counter with preselection option

Preferred unit

  • Second preferential unit

  • Rubberized pressure roller

  • Adjustable contact pressure of the pressure roller


  • neumatic expansion shaft for 3 inch sleeves

  • Web tension adjustable via MAgnet powder clutch

  • Roll diameter max. 480 mm

  • Permissible axle weight 120 kg

Operating and control unit

  • Color touch display (operator language English)

  • Main switch

  • Control ON

  • Machine START / STOP

  • Setup stroke

  • Switch for one operation

  • Emergency stop

  • Variable speed by rotary potentiometer

  • Meter and label counter switchable

  • Automatic stop of the machine when the preselected number of strokes is reached

  • Electronic components integrated in machine housing

  • Web travel from left to right

  • Speed up to 120 strokes/min

Technical data

  • Electrical voltage: 400 volt

  • Electrical power: 2,5 KW

  • Current: 5 Ampere

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • Length x width x height approx. 3.600 mm x 950 mm / 1.050 mm x 1.400 mm

  • Weight approx. 2.500 kg resp. 2.650kg