The semy rotary die cutting machine PROFIline R-320

The semy rotary die cutting machine PROFIline R-320 enables the register true production of die cut parts and labels as well as narrow cut rolls from any roll materials such as paper, foils, adhesive labels and laminates up to 600gr./m². It converts and controls web shaped materials up to a width of 320 mm.

The robust machine, consisting of a solid steel frame, can be operated without any problems after a short training period. The speed can be controlled electronically. After reaching a preset number of labels or linear meters, the machine stops automatically,

The simple, efficient design of the system enables extremely short set-up and changeover times. 

Material to be processed, adhesive labels, paper, foil and laminates up to 600gr./m²

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The semy rotary die cutting machine PROFIline R-320

Equipment of the PROFIline R-320

Steel plate construction

  • Welded steel frame

  • Sides and cover plates of sheet steel

  • Elecronics integrated in the machine housing

  • Connection 400 Volt

Unwinder with pneumatic tension shaft

  • Magnetic powder brake 

  • Right/left unwinding possible 

  • Automatic web tension control

  • Switch off at end of roll

  • Pneumatic expansions shaft 76 mm

  • Diameter max. Ø 600 mm

  • Roll weight  max. 120 kg

  • Material width 100 mm to 320 mm

Web edge control

  • Swivel frame guide

  • Electromative actuator

  • May. Web position error +/- 10 mm

  • Infrared edge sensor

  • (Ultrasonic edge sensor on request)


  • Integrated in web guiding system

  • Two mechanical clamps

  • Knife guide for cross or diagonal cut

Semi-rotary machine

  • punching length semi rotary 200mm-450mm

  • punching length fully rotaqry 250mm-550mm

  • Trio Motion Control-System

  • Servo motor driven

  • Optical register sensor by print mark or label l

  • 160 teeth magnetich punch cylinder

  • 1/8 inch cp gear teeth

  • Counter punch cylinder

  • Pressure bridge with pressure bearings and wiper felts

  • Hydraulic puncing pressure indicator

  • Adjustable grating frume cupboard with magnetic powder clutch and 3 inch expansion shaft 

  • without punching tools

Laminating station

  • Unwinder with pneumatic tension shaft 76 mm

  • Manually adjustable magnetic powder brake 

  • Rubberized pressure roller

  • Rewind with pneumatic tension shaft 76 mm

  • Manually adjustable magnetic powder clutch

Prefered unit

  • Steel roll

  • Rubberized pressure roller

  • Adjustable contact pressure of the pressure roller

  • Servo motor driven


  • Shear cutting system

  • Eight pieces upper blade

  • Eight pieces lower blade

  • Minimum cutting width 18mm

  • (other cutting system blade, crush cut on request)

2 pieces of rewind

  • Pneumatic expansion shaft for 3 Inch sleeves

  • Web tension adjustable via magnetic powder clutch

  • In or out winding fixed

  • (Switchable on request)

  • Roll diameter max. 600 mm

  • Permissible axle weight 120 kg

Suction device

  • Axial blower for suctioning an edge strip

Operating and Control unit

  • Colour Touch-Display (User language Englisch)

  • Main switch 

  • Control ON 

  • Machine START / STOP

  • Set up function

  • Emergency Stop

  • Variable Speed through rotary potentiometer

  • Meter and label counter switchable

  • Automatic stop of the machine when the preselcted number of labels is reached 

  • Web run from left to right

  • Web speed up to 90m/min in  Rotary operation, depending on product.

  • Web speed up to 70m/min in semi rotary operation, depending on product.

Technical Data 

  • Electrical voltage: 400 Volt

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • Length x width x height approx .:4.300 mm x 1.200 mm x 1.800 mm

  • Weight  approx.: 3.600 kg