Plastic-free packaging and CMC Maschinenbau

Cut environmentally friendly paper products at low cost
3 February, 2023 by
Plastic-free packaging and CMC Maschinenbau
CMC Maschinenbau GmbH

A broad majority of consumers in Germany would like to see the consumption of plastic packaging reduced. More than eight out of ten Germans would also buy products packaged with alternatives such as paper. CMC Maschinenbau supplies solutions for the manufacturers of such alternative packaging.

In the food sector in particular, single-use plastic packaging was a seemingly ideal solution for a long time. For more than 40 years, the practical material has dominated the packaging share in supermarkets. Increasingly visible global warming and higher raw material and energy costs are now significantly increasing the pressure on the industry to produce more environmentally friendly packaging. Clever start-ups and innovative medium-sized companies are developing more and more ideas to this end. Many of them have something to do with substituting paper for plastic.

Paper is a renewable raw material that can also be used several times. This multiple use significantly mitigates the initial energy and resource consumption. These characteristics will make paper and cardboard packaging increasingly attractive in the future.

The fact that paper and cardboard do not just come in the form of cardboard has been evident ever since plastic shopping bags were banned. The paper carrier bag is now the recognized alternative alongside shopping baskets and other reusable containers.

However, a lot of packaging directly on the product is only used once. And that is why environmentally friendly packaging such as banderoles, bags, cardboard tubes or packaging made from the innovative fiber casting is increasingly being used. They can either be disposed of with household waste or fed into a closed-loop system and recycled.

Solutions from CMC Maschinenbau

For all these paper packages, material webs made of paper or composite material (paper plus coating or laminate) are required in specific widths. Especially for high-volume products, this requires high-performance, fast Cutting machines and rewinders. CMC Maschinenbau supplies the high-speed machines of the PROFIline series for this area, such as the PROFIline US-A700 rewinding and slitting machine PROFIline US-A700. Schneidanlagen und Umroller. CMC Maschinenbau liefert für diesen Bereich die schnelllaufenden Maschinen der PROFIline-Serie, wie z.B. die Umroll- und Schneidmaschine PROFIline US-A700

However, CMC Maschinenbau also has attractive and powerful machines in the EASYline series for smaller orders and customer-specific solutions. These machines are optimized for high efficiency at low cost. Nevertheless, a rewinding and slitting machine EASYline US-550 no less flexible in use than the PROFIline machines. Thanks to the favorable price, they are profitable even if they are not used continuously. Often, these smaller EASYline cutting machines are used, for example, to relieve the main production from small orders. EASYline US-550 nicht weniger flexibel einsetzbar wie die PROFIline-Maschinen. Sie sind dank des günstigen Preises auch dann rentabel, wenn sie nicht kontinuierlich verwendet werden. Häufig werden diese kleineren EASYline Schneidmaschinen eingesetzt, um z.B. die Hauptproduktion von Kleinaufträgen zu entlasten.

With the durable and uncomplicated rewinding and cutting machines from CMC Maschinenbau, companies from the packaging industry are also fully in line with the trend. Precise cuts, neatly wound rolls, flexible adaptation to changing orders and a very good cost/benefit ratio speak for themselves. Let us convince you and arrange a consultation appointment.

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