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CMC Maschinentechnik supplies slitting and die-cutting machines also for small orders
25 July, 2022 by
Machines for Converter
CMC Maschinenbau GmbH, Maschinenbau

Only a few manufacturers produce very large quantities of web-shaped materials or labels in the millions. They have specialized in this order of magnitude and invested in corresponding machines. This enables them to achieve very low unit costs, but only with correspondingly large orders. Most converters are medium-sized companies that work primarily in niches. For them, postpress machines must be one thing above all: reliable, inexpensive and flexible to use.

When we as consumers pick up a paper or foil handle tote bag, few are aware that the strip of material that makes up the handle was most likely created on a  die-cutting or cutting machine Freeway users in Austria become more aware of this when they detach the famous "Pickerl" from the silicone paper and stick it on the windshield. The concept of a stamped part becomes very tangible. But who suspects that, from a manufacturer's point of view, the checkout slips in the supermarket are also a web-shaped material that has to be cut to the right width.

However, most web-cut products or die-cut parts disappear almost "invisibly" during further processing. The seam sealing tape in rainwear or double-sided adhesive die-cut parts in electronic devices tend not to catch the eye of the observer. Often, the required quantities or linear meters are not so enormous that one or two orders already utilize a production facility to full capacity. Converters such as label manufacturers or contract converters with slitting and rewinding machines usually work in niches with rather smaller, but no less lucrative orders. It is precisely for these users of  slitting  and die cutting machines that CMC Maschinenbau from Frankenthal offers a large number of different machines.

The distinction between the products of the EASYline series and the PROFIline series enables a decision specialized to the task. While the PROFIline machines are rather intended for series production as the main production line (cutting widths up to more than 3,500 mm, for example), the easy-to-learn EASYline machines, available from 12,000 euros, are also suitable for small jobs. They can be used flexibly for many different products such as paper, plastic films, thin metal foils, rubber or fabrics. The very short makeready times allow rational use even for small jobs. 

Converters, label and die-cutting part manufacturers and film converters benefit from a favorable price of the machines. CMC Maschinenbau uses series machines from large, well-known manufacturers and converts them to European safety standards. If necessary, parts of the drive technology, control system and electrical equipment are also replaced by easily reprocurable components. 

In this way, the robust and mechanically reliable die cutting and rewinding machines can be effortlessly integrated into a producer's machinery. Start-ups or newly established departments also benefit from a favorable price of the converting solutions, a very fast learning curve and the flexibility. So that the product and not the production are in the foreground.

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