Good does not have to be expensive - Rewinder EASYline US-320/-420

The standard applications in the further processing of roll labels are slitting and counting. In most cases, narrower rolls are to be customized from a larger print roll.
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Good does not have to be expensive - Rewinder EASYline US-320/-420
CMC Maschinenbau GmbH

The EASYline US-320  or EASYline US-420 are designed precisely for these applications. The maximum roll width of the unwinder is 330/420 mm. The slitting unit is equipped with roll slitting knives (scissor slitting knives), but can also work with razor blade slitting or both. The machine stops automatically when a certain number of labels or a preset running meter length is reached. In this way, short rolls can be produced precisely and without constant control by the machine operator.

The two take-up mandrels are pneumatic expansion shafts in the standard 3 inch (76 mm) dimension. Other diameters can be supplied on request. The web tension can be adjusted via a magnetic powder coupling so that optimum cutting and rewinding results can always be achieved.

The simple operating concept of the machine is easy to learn. The two winding mandrels can be switched over for inside or outside winding. The open, freely accessible working area makes working on the US-320/-420 much easier.

Of course, web edge control, a splice table, and end-of-roll shutoff are standard. Operation is via mechanical controls. This deliberate reduction to the essentials enables a favorable price with good and reliable technology at the same time.

CMC Maschinenbau converts series-produced punching and cutting machines to European standards. This of course includes a CE declaration of conformity.

The EASYline series rewind slitting lines are primarily aimed at customers who also want to serve niches and peak demands and, above all, keep their main production lines free of small orders. Due to the low investment costs, the apportionment costs to the individual productions are low. This facilitates pricing that pleases the customer and still allows profit to be made.  

The EASYLline US-320 and US-420 rewinders combine a favorable purchase price with flexible usability in many applications. They are uncomplicated and at the same time robust, durable and reliable. A purchase that pays for itself quickly and does not require specially trained personnel.

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