Machines for the film processing industry

Smart solutions for good ideas - CMC Maschinenbau delivers them
30 June, 2022 by
Machines for the film processing industry
CMC Maschinenbau GmbH

A good idea has been born, but the right machine is missing. The order pressure is high, all the machines are occupied and you still want to help a good customer with an urgent order. Or you have to cancel orders from time to time because you don't have the right machine for production. For many of these cases, you will find a solution in the extensive range of products offered by CMC Maschinenbau GmbH.

Whenever web cutting, the production of die-cut parts or small-format printing is required, machines and systems from the Frankenthal-based company can be an inexpensive alternative. This is because CMC Maschinenbau makes use of a decisive advantage: cutting machines and die-cutting systems are purchased from large Asian manufacturers who produce these machines in series. Due to the economy of scale, these companies can offer lower prices than companies that tend to offer high-priced and individualised systems with small quantities. CMC Maschinenbau passes on this advantage.

However, the rewinding cutters, lifting punches and inspection systems are not passed on 1:1. The main task of CMC Maschinenbau, apart from consulting, is the conversion of the machine technology to European safety standards. Thus, the machines are revised and adapted to European standards within the framework of the Machinery Directive and the CE confirmation. Frequently, frequency converters, control elements, electronic components and drive technology, for example, are also replaced with higher-quality components that can be procured again in the long term if necessary. However, the basis of the systems from the ESAYline and PROFIline series is always a very robust mechanical construction, which promises a long service life.

Due to the comparatively simple set-up of the EASYline series, no specialised personnel or long-term trained staff are required for operation. Switch on, set up the job and off you go!

By using series-produced equipment, the price of a cutting system or Die-cutting machine from CMC Maschinenbau is absolutely competitive, even after the sometimes extensive conversion.

With systems from CMC Maschinenbau, smaller orders can also be produced, for example. The apportionment of investment and operating costs is not so seriously reflected in the product price. In this way, customers can sell their products more cheaply - a win-win situation.