Flexibility is the key

What is actually generally true for almost all industries is often essential for survival for medium-sized companies: high creativity, good solutions, fast delivery readiness. After all, the agility of the flat organizational structure is the key advantage over large companies. This also applies to numerous smaller companies in the cutting, stamping and printing trades.
25 January, 2023 by
Flexibility is the key
CMC Maschinenbau GmbH

As an official partner, CMC Maschinenbau offers plotter systems from iECHO for the European market. These state-of-the-art industrial plotters are designed for tough continuous operation and can therefore be used without restrictions in 24/7 operation.

For production jobs in the medium to lower piece count range, flatbed plotters offer considerable advantages over high-volume punching systems. This is because neither special tools nor corresponding lead times are necessary. Also, adjustments to the punched part contours can be processed purely digitally and implemented immediately with the next cutting process. In this way, prototypes, for example, can be continuously optimized in the development process without the need for tool changes. For prototype sampling, premium sales samples can be produced for customers thanks to exact cutting results.

Thanks to QR code recognition, completely new cutting geometries can also be set during the production process and implemented immediately without changing tools. 

Cutting instead of punching

Flatbed cutters from CMC Maschinenbau are the ideal complement to existing machinery. Due to their flexibility, they also enable the acceptance of smaller orders that could only be produced uneconomically on large punching systems. 

From individual display packaging for a short-term sales campaign to seals made of rubber, felt or silicone to the cutting of leather and upholstery fabrics in the furniture industry, there are only a few limits to the possible applications. It is also ideal for the production of prototypes during product development or for trial orders. Examples include the development of vibration-proof packaging made of cardboard or a technical die-cut part made of a multi-laminate. If, when testing the part, it is found that there is a need for rework, the CAD-based design can be adapted within a very short time and the new electronic data converted into a finished die-cut part. With iEcho cutting plotters, there are considerably fewer limits to your creativity in the development process, because you don't need a specially made tool for every change.

Work efficiency and fast ROI

iEcho - flatbed cutters from CMC Maschinenbau are also suitable for unmanned continuous operation thanks to automated fiducial recognition and the reading in of new production data via QR code. From piece number 1 on, cutting jobs can be processed continuously without further operator intervention. The built-in (and optional) transport systems eliminate manual feeding. A high-resolution camera detects the contour even if the material to be cut is skewed and automatically adjusts the cutting path. This eliminates the need for error-prone manual adjustment.

Due to the high flexibility at a comparatively low price, in many cases the investment is already amortized after a few months. This is one of the main advantages of the industrial plotters from CMC Maschinenbau.

Flatbed cutting systems from CMC Maschinenbau - small investment, big effect!

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