Die-cutting machines for the industrial sector

CMC Maschinenbau perfects its die-cutting process
2 June, 2022 by
Die-cutting machines for the industrial sector
CMC Maschinenbau GmbH

Die cutting of plastic films, textiles or other web-shaped materials is one of the most important further processing steps in industry. Countless shaped and die-cut parts, labels or adhesive labels are only created through die-cutting - whereby accuracy and speed are often important parameters. Both have an influence on the price of the manufactured die-cut part and the Die-cutting machine. However, CMC Maschinenbau proves that an economically reasonable machine solution can be found without exorbitant investments.

Based on series-produced automatic die-cutting machines and rotary die-cutting machines, these die-cutting machines are converted by CMC Maschinenbau for the European market. The advantage: proven technology, favourable price and compliance with all legal and normative requirements (e.g. CE conformity confirmation).

Die-cutting machines are used in many industrial sectors. Primarily in the label industry, where countless self-adhesive films, fabrics and composites are processed into decorative, sealing or marking shaped die-cut parts. But reciprocating and rotary die-cutters are also used in leather processing, tarpaulin production, advertising, the packaging industry and in electrical engineering applications. The demands on the Die-cutting machines differ considerably in some cases. This is why the cutters offered by CMC Maschinenbau also differ in essential points:

  •  Maximum possible die-cut format

  •  die-cutting process (continuous/discontinuous)

  •  die-cutting speed

  •  Maximum die-cutting pressure/height

  •  Number of die-cutting heads

  •  die-cutting accuracy

From simple lifting die-cuts to automatic die-cutting machines - CMC Maschinenbau offers a suitable machine for every task. You can choose between flat die-cutting (lifting die-cutting) and rotary die-cutting, with or without cutting unit, with or without laminating station. 

The robust machines in the EASY and PROFIline series are easy to operate after only a short training period. The die-cutting speed of reel-to-reel or reel-to-single-part rotary die-cutters is higher than that of discontinuous stroke die-cutters due to the process technology. On the other hand, higher die-cutting forces can be generated for thicker or harder materials. The tool costs are also usually significantly lower than with rotary die-cutting tools (die-cutting cylinder, die-cutting plate). On the other hand, continuously operating rotary die-cutting machines achieve a significantly smaller difference in repeatability than stroke die-cutters (distance between two die-cuts). 

CMC Maschinenbau is happy to assist in the selection of a suitable die-cutting process and die-cutting machine. In any case, the customer receives a comparatively favourable price for a robust, reliable system. As a result, amortisation periods for CMC Maschinenbau automatic die-cutting machines are usually very short, but the service life of the machines is very long.