Additive manufacturing for prototypes and series products with 3D printers from CMC Maschinenbau

18 February, 2022 by
Additive manufacturing for prototypes and series products with 3D printers from CMC Maschinenbau
CMC Maschinenbau GmbH, Maschinenbau

Industrial FFF printers from Dynamical offer numerous advantages:

  1. Up to 500°C melting temperature at the hot end (printer nozzle, Nozzel)

  2. Also prints high-performance materials such as PEEK, PEI, PPSU or PEKK

  3. Use of filaments from different manufacturers possible

  4. High precision of 1.25 µm (Z-axis)

  5. Excellent printing speed

  6. Up to two print heads simultaneously and four different filaments 

  7. Automated production in 24/7 operation possible

  8. Cooled extruder for continuous operation even at 500°C die temperature

  9. Vacuum fixing of printer base plate for flexible printing substrates

  10. Printer resumes work at last position after fault clearance

  11. UPS installation possible as backup power supply

Additive manufacturing with 3D printers shows its strength above all where conventional manufacturing reaches its limits.  

With the industrial 3D printers from CMC Maschinenbau, high-quality prototypes can be produced in a very short time. No molds, tools or machining centers are required for this. Rapid prototyping speeds up the development process considerably, because changes to the shape of the component can be implemented very quickly. 

Since material is only deposited where it is actually needed, the printers achieve high material efficiency. Due to the high precision of the tool-free production method, the effort required for post-processing is also minimized. 

For series production, the industrial 3D printers from CMC Maschinenbau are equipped, among other things, with an actively cooled extruder head. This means that even high-melting thermoplastics such as PEI can be run in continuous operation without disruptions in filament transport due to overheating. In this way, very high-quality components can be produced that can withstand extreme mechanical and thermal loads.
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Numerous other features ensure trouble-free operation with Dynamical 3D printers. Apart from reloading the filament spools, no further intervention is necessary. Automatic operation reduces personnel costs and enables "overnight production".