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Druckmaschine PROFIline Flexo HXF-330

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  • Automatic Register system: 22.500,- Euro

  • Plate mounting machine: 7.400,- Euro

  • Ultra-sonics Anilox roller/ Cleaning Machine:  3.800,- Euro


  • Time of Delivery: Within 6 Months after receipt of 40% advance payment 

  • Loading/ Destination Port: Ex works Frankenthal/Germany 

  • Packaging: Exported-standard and Sea-worthy packaing 

  • Terms of Payment: 40% Advance payment and 50% balance before shipment, 10 % after installation

  • Guarantee: 24 months after machine installed 

  • Installation&Training: The buyer should take on all costs, including visa procedure, round airplane tickets, accommodation, and food and out of pocket expenses.

Main Configurations: 

Unwinding Station: Unwinding Tension Control 

Front Auto Web Guide + Butt Splice Table: Dust Cleaning system

In-feed Tension Control: 8 Printing Stations

8 Units IR+ Hot Air Dryer:  8 Air cooling UV dryer 

Synchronous Stroboscope Still Image Inspecting: Out-feed Tension Control System

1 Rotary Die Cutting Station + Up Waste Winder+Hoist: Rewinding Station

PLC Control system: Gear Driven

Auto Lubrication System  

A. Basic configuration

1.Unwind Station: Max unwinding diameter 1067mm

3″Air shaft

Magnetic brake system

Hydraulic/Pneumatic roll changing system

Automatic stopping device when paper broken and less

Close loop auto tension control system (Mitsubishi from Japan)

2. Front Web Guiding System(ST From Italy)

Used for unwinding web guiding 

Adopts ball screw electric actuator

Adopts photoelectric sensor for web guide transmission

Electronic web guide traction device. If there is any excursion in paper feeding, the system will have a constant and accurate adjusting.

Adopts closed-loop control system to accurately detect the deviation and correct it

Hard anodization tearting to the guide rollers  HV800-1000

Precision:+_0.02 mm  Inspection Position: the edge of web

3. Web Store and Butt Splicing Station

Used to splicing the web when changing the rolls or web broken 

Adopts pneumaitc to press the tail of paper 

4. Web Surface Dust Cleaner

Used to cleaning the surface dust of paper , prevent the dust to block the anilox roll

With one Exhaust fun to discharge the dust 

5.Regulative In-feed Tension Control Sys(Double Side Pressure Glue Roller)

The machine board adopt complete alloy and cast iron with 80mm thickness

Use the double side pressure glue roller to clutch and feed and to guarantee the stable tension realizes the tension of material with infinitely variable control

6.Printing Stations (Quick change design)

Ceramic anilox rollers (The LPI at customer's need )

Printing plate cylinders (repeat length from 200mm-600mm)

High precision impression cylinders 

Easy of transverse and vertical register and plate slight distance adjust system

Open mouth Stainless steel Ink chamber with speical added ink rubber rollers for even ink transfer during high speed printing

Single reverse doctor blade system with angel fixed

The plate cylinder continues to run by 1.5 seconds and transfers the ink on the plate to paper, so as to maintain the plate clean .

The anilox roller will rotate to prevent the ink on its surface from drying and blocking holes on it.

The slight adjustment device for the anilox roller can guarantee the pressure between ceramic anilox rollers

The machine board is made of alloy and cast iron with 80mm thickness, which improves the stable performance and durability of the press.

Vibration for the anilox roller, plate roller and ground roller≤0.01mm

Anilox rollers and plate cylinders controlled by pneumatic 

Specially designed Petal structure can achive Quick replacement of plate cylinder,anilox rollers, ink chamber without any tools

Cp1/8 gear P5 Bearings

7. Hot air and IR dryer+Air cooling UV dryers 

Each printing unit is equipment with I.R short-wave heating and drying system, and temperature is adjustable.

Warm air and natural air drying system including exhaust fan and blower assay with adjustable volume in three stages: stop, low and high.

South Korean Teflon Tube

Each units with independent hot air blower to guarantee the enough drying. 

One exhaust blower to discharge the wast air

High quality UV dryers supplied by UV Light. The power can be adjustable, with central control system, operator can easily set and adjust the power on touch screen

8. Synchronous Stroboscope Still Image Inspecting System

Image inspecting camera can take pictures synchronously for the printing materials.

Preset the inspecting position horizontally and vertically

Can be automatically set up the inspection position along the horizontal and longitudinal direction 

High definition camera with 130*1027 pixel from Germany 

High definition 14inch Philips monitor   

High speed Strobe for catch the photos 

It can magnify(20 times) and observe the image with a fixed position to guarantee the printing quality.

9. Rear Out-feed Tension Control System

Use the double side pressure glue roller to clutch and feed and to guarantee the stable tension realizes the tension of material with infinitely variable control

The machine board adopt complete alloy and cast iron with 80mm thickness

10. Card Slot Design Rotary Die Cutting + Up Waste Winder+Hoist 

Various rollers of die cutting/sheeting unit can be fast changed

Die cutting anvil roller adopts center bearing rolling structure and it is better than the stress at both ends of bearing

With self-supporting antiskid traction system to guarantee high precision die cutting 

Transversal direction adopts manual screw positioning, to solve the default of non-adjustable of die cutting in transversal direction. In addition, it can quickly load& unload the die cutting/sheet cylinder

The anvil roll with the carburizing treatment to ensure the high hardness. HRC 60°-65° 

The supplier could provide the manufacturing drawing according to the customer’s products requirement 

Moveable Up waste winding station to avoid waste edge broken

Hoist for loading and unloading the die cutting rollers

11.Rewinding Station

Maximum rewinding diameter is 1067mm

Diameter of 3 inch air shaft for fixing the roll

Automatic stopping device when paper broken and less

Equipped with fast air gun for fixing the paper core

Magnetic powder clutch for rewinding tension control 

12. Main Driven&Transmission System

Adopts Gear+shaft driven and transmission system 

14. Automatic Lubricating System

With oil pump and supply oil to transmission parts continuously.

It’s able to set the frequency of oil supply

15. PLC Control System

Use to control the whole machine automatically, indicate all information of machine during printing

Available of setting and adjusting the parameters by touch screen

Automatic warning and alarm while the trouble happen , indicate the position of trouble  

16.Tool kits

With all necessary parts and tools of machine.


The main technical parameters and the function 

1 Substrate(film/adhesive materials): 25mic~60mic/ 60--250g/gsm

2 Register precision: ±0.10---±0.12mm

3 Maximum unwinding diameter: 1067mm

4 Maximum rewinding diameter: 1067mm

5 Printing repeat length/die cutting length: 200mm—600mm

6 Maximum paper width: 330mm

7 Maximum printing width: 320mm

8 Power requirement: 380V 3PH 50Hz

9 Machine rating speed: 0—150Meters/Minute

10 Machine frame thickness: 25mm entire steel board

11 Thickness of printing plate: 1.14mm or 1.7mm

12 Thickness of printing plate tape: 0.50mm or 0.38mm

13 Automatic stop when paper broken: YES

14 Automatic alert when paper less: YES

15 Automatic stop when setting task fulfilled: YES

16 Meter counting and quantity counting: YES

17 Different stages of speed adjusting: YES

Machine required running conditions 

Workshop optimum temperature: 20-26 degree.

Workshop optimum humidity: 55%-70%

Workshop environmental requirements: good ventilation and low dust content of air

Compressed air requirements: f0.6 cubic meters / minute, the pressure 0.6MP



1. Preparation before starting machine:

Following the web way to go through the paper

Check out whether the plates and ink are put into the right printing units or not

Check out whether the surface of anilox clean or not

Check out the doctor blades, and change the ones broken 

Make sure that all of the emergency buttons are on 

Make sure that the lubricating system is working 

2.  Notices when machine's working 

Check out whether the feeding is steady or not 

Check out the ink of printing units, add if less. 

If there are bubbles in the ink tank, please add some defoaming agent 

Watch out the consistency of the ink, use viscometer if necessary. 

Pay attention to the pressure balance of the die cutting unit 

Observe the tension of matrix units 

Look into the drying of the printing, and adjust the heating temperature 

3.  Daily Maintenance

The maintenance includes the followings after every day work

Clean the plate cylinders to make sure there are no ink or other impurities. 

Please pay attention not to break the cylinders and gears.

Clean the anilox rollers to ensure that there is no ink left in case the ink block the meshes.

Make sure that there are no broken doctor blades

Loosen the die cutting pressure increasing unit to make sure that there is no pressure 

and the surface of rollers is clean and well lubricated.

4.  Weekly maintenance

Check out the doctor blades

Make sure there are no broken anilox rollers.

Check out the driving system, especially the belts.

Check out the lubricating system and add oil if necessary

Check out the air system to make sure there is no air leaking

Observe the gear boxes to make sure the lubrication of gears, and add oil if necessary

(when oil line is at 1/2 observing position)

Clean the machine and also the paper feeding rollers.

5.  Monthly maintenance

Check out the bearings of anilox rollers to make sure they run well

Check out the drying system to make sure there are no broken lamp

6.  Maintenance every six month

Change the lubrication oil of drive and register gearbox

Check out the coupling of drive system and pneumatic clutch in rewinding unit

Make sure there are no broken drive belts

Druckmaschine PROFIline Flexo HXF-330