Flexodruck- Stanzmaschine PROFIline ZM-320

The die- cutting machine ZM-320 enables the register-true production of labels and die cut parts, for converting and controlling web-shaped materials up to a width of  320 mm. 

The flexo printing and die-cutting machine works with the servo and control system of a well-known German manufacturer. The machine consists of an unwinder, web guiding systen, register control, foil laminator, rotary (semi-rotary) die cutter, slitter and winder.

Flexodruck- Stanzmaschine PROFIline ZM-320


EASYline ZM-320 Rotary / Semi-Rotary Label Die cutter is a newly devaloped converting machine. Equipped with unwinder, web guiding system, flexo printing unit, die cutting unit, laminating unit, slitter, sheet cutter, shingle stacker and rewinder.

  • The machine works with a Bosch-Rexroth servo and control system. 

  • The mantented register-punchibg system works with a fully or semi rotary punch, depending on product requirements..

  • In semi rotary mode, the web tension between the unwinder, web guide and winder is controlle at all times and therefore constant..

  • The ZM-320 has a 168 tooth magnetic cylinder. In semy rotary mode, only the die plate needs to be changed.

  • The EASYline ZM-320 combines high speed, hight accuracy, simple operation, high efficiency and low cost. 

  • For large runs the magnetic cylinder can be exchanged and the machine can be operated up to 120m/min.


  • Max speed: (rotary) 120m/min; (semi-rotary)65m/min

  • Max repeat length: (rotary)190.5-539.75mm; (semi-rotary) 100-350mm

  • Max Printing and punching width: 300mm

  • Max web width: 320mm

  • Max unwind diameter: 700mm

  • Max winding diameter: 600mm

  • Report / Accuracy: +-0.1mm

  • Longitudinal cutting width: 20-300mm

  • Electrical voltage: 400 Volt/3P

  • Electrical power: 8 KW

  • Weight: ca. 2.400kg, depending on the model

  • Dimension L x B x H: 3.220 x 1.680 x 1.660 mm