RAD RL 400/900 bis 400/2200

Roll-Lifter RAD RL 400/900 is a portable equipment, capable of liftling rolls up  to 120 kg (264 IBS). RAD RL / 400 has been introduced to improve manual handling operations and increase productivity, considering the scenario where operators find it necessary to call another colleague to change a roll. Is equipped with a safety brake for loading, and unloading and transporting reels safety. A mechanical device always ready any time you need.

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Rollenheber  RAD RL 400/900 bis 400/2200

Technical Data of the Roll-Lifter RAD RL

  • 4 steerable castors, 2 with parking brake 

  • Material roll weight to 120 kg

  • Material roll width to 420 mm

  • Crank with spear jack 

  • Total width over the front rollers 750 mm 

  • Display of the front rollers 500 mm 

  • Under run high the front Rollers 92 mm

  • Total length 750 mm 

  • Lift High minimum 180 mm

  • Lift High Maximum 2.000/2.200 mm