Sheet cutting machine PROFIline SHT-1100

The Sheet cutting machine PROFIline SHT-600 enables the cutting of sheets from any roll material such as paper, PET, copper, aluminium, adhesive tape, foil and laminates from 30 bis 800gr./m² and plastics such as PVC, OPP, PET and CPP from 0,005 to 1,2 mm up to a width of 1100 mm.

The robust machine, consisting of a solid stell frame, can be operated without any problems after short training.

Material to be processed: Paper, PET, Copper, Aluminium, adhesive tapes, Foil, Laminates from 30 to 800gr./m² plastic such as PVC, OPP, PET, CPP von 0,005 bis 1,2 mm

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Bogenschneidmaschine PROFIline SHT-1100

Equipment of the sheet cutting machine PROFIline SHT-1100

Steel frame housing

  • Adjustable feet for aligning the machine

  • Elektronics integrated in the machine housing

  • Connection 400 Volt

Unwinder with pneumatic tension shaft 

  • Right/left unwinding possible 

  • Web tension via dancer position controller

  • Pneumatic expansion shaft 76 mm

  • Diameter max. Ø 1.500 mm

  • Roll weight max. 2.000 kg

  • Material width up to  bis 1.100 mm

  • Stop sensor (At the end of roll)

Prefered unit

  • Steel roll

  • Rubberized pressure roller

  • Adjustable contact pressure of the pressure roller

  • Servo motor driven

Cross cutters

  • Hardened upper blade

  • Hardened lower blade

  • Electric motor driven

Operating and control unit 

  • Main switch

  • Control ON 

  • Machine START / STOP

  • Emergency stop 

  • Variable speed through Microcontroler

  • Adjustable sheet length 1-2.000 mm via Touch-Display

  • Adjustable cutting depth

  • Accuracy +/- 0,15 mm

  • Speed 100 cykes/min.

  • Automatic stop of the machine when the preselected number of sheets is reached

  • Elektronic components integrated in the machine housing

Technical Data 

  • Programmable controller and meter counter.

  • All working parameters are dispayed on the monitor. The material thickness and web tension are entered of setup.The automatically calculates the web tension until the end of the Roll.

  • Zum Einrichten wird die Materialstärke und Bahnspannung eingegeben.

  • Main drive motor with frequency converter controls the prefered length of the material. .

  •  Semi automatic loading system to load heavy rolls onto the unwinder.

  • Standard unwinding axis is 3 inch. Optional 6 and 12 inch adapters are also available.

  • Standard Abwickelachse ist 3 Zoll. Optional stehen auch 6 und 12 Zoll Adapter zur Verfügung.

  • Cutting blades with a special alloy guarantee an exceptional service life. 

  • All  guide rollers are dynamically  .

  • Statically ballanced equipped with car counting systeme.

  • CE- Confirmation.

  • Voltage: 400 Volt

  • Electrical outptt: 4,20 KW

  • Current: 16 Ampere

  • Frequenzy: 50 Hz

  • Length x width x height: approx. 2.200 mm x 1.500 mm x 1.000 mm

  • Weight approx: . 1.200 kg