Rewinding and Cutting machine
PROFIlinePlus US-320QC

The PROFIlinePlus US-320QC is a rewinding and cutting machine with high precision . The paper flow is controlled by a servo motor. The machine can cut self-adhesive labels. Dacron foil labels and laser antifalse labels. It is an ideal aid for flexo printing machines, screen printing machines, relief printing machines and many more 

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Umroll- und Schneidemaschine  PROFIlinePlus US-320QC


The FQ-320B automatic slitting machine is the auxiliary product of the automatic die cutting machine. This machine is suitable for slitting narrow pieces of paper with turret rewinder for small reels. It has meter counter and number counter. The unwinding is controlled by web guiding, the structure of the complete machine is compact, fast, with high efficiency, operate the characteristic simply, operate steadily.


Standard configurations

a) With 1pc 3'' unwinding shaft, auto inflation air shaft.

b) With 2pcs 40mm rewinding shafts, auto inflation air shaft.

c) With meter/number counter.

d) With two photoelectric eyes

e) With 6 sets rotary knives.

f) With one 25N.Mmagnetic brake, one 25N.M magnetic clutch.

g) Machine has blower fan to blow away the trimmed sides.

Main technical parameter

Slitting speed 300m/min

Max. Web width 320mm

Max. Unwinding diameter 600mm

Max. Rewinding diameter for big roll 600mm

Max. Rewinding diameter for small roll 200mm

Dimensions 1100*900*1300mm

Main motor 1.5KW

Voltage 220V, Single phase

Min. Cutting width 15mm

Machine weight About 400kg