EASYline US-320QC an US-420QC

The EASYline US-320QC/ 420QC roll slitter allows the productions of narrow slit rols from any reel material such as paper, foil, adhesive labels and laminates up to aproximately  ca. 800gr./m².
She ready for use and Controlle sheet material till in a width of 320mm/420mm.

This robust machine consiting of a solid stell frame can already be operated easily after a short training period. The speed can be controlled electronically. After reaching a preset number of labels or running meters, the machine stops automatically.

The simple and efficient design of the unit enables exremely short make-ready and change over times. 

Processable Materials: Adhesive labels, paper, foil, laminates p tho approximately 800 gr/m².

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Umroll- und Schneidmaschine EASYline US-320QC

Configuration to EASYline US-320QC/ US-420QC

Steel plate construction

  • Welded stell frame

  • Covered with painted steel plates

  • Front and covers plate made of steel 

  • Electronics integrated in the machine housing

  • Supply 240 Volts

Unwinder with pneumaic air shaft 

  • Right/left unwinding possible 

  • Web Tension across Magnetic powder Clutch tunable

  • Pneumic air shaft 76 mm

  • Diameter max. Ø 700 mm

  • Roll weight max. 180 kg

  • Material width 50 mm to 320 mm/ 420 mm

  • Stopsensor (on Roll end)

Splice table

  • Splice table from sheet steel 

  • two magnetic clamping jaws

  • Knife guide for cross or diagonal cut 

Web guiding system

  • By two phooelectric sensor 

Drive Unit 

  • Steel roller

  • Rubberized pressure roller

  • Adjustable pressure of the pressure roller

  • Driven by electric motors 

  • Web speed up to 120m/min, depending on the product


  • Axial fan for suction of waste strip 


  • Scissor cutting system with rotary blades 

  • Six pieces of upper blade

  • Six pieces anvil blade rings

  • Minimm cutting width 15 mm

  • (Diverse knife systems on Inquiry)


  • Changeable from label counter to meter counter

  • Machine stops at the selected quanitity/length

2 piece rewinding shaft

  • Tension adjustable by magnetic powder clutch

  • Pneumatic air shaft for 1,5 inch cores, other diameter on require

  • Web Tension across Magnetic powder Clutch tunable

  • Roll Diameter max. 200 mm

  • Max. axle weight 80kg

Operating and control unit 

  • Main switch 

  • Control "ON" button 

  • START / STOP button

  • Not-out button 

  • Variable speed by potentiometer

  • Meter and label counter switchable 

  • Automatic machine Stop when reaching the pre-selected number of meters/ Labels
    Lettering in English or local language

  • Electronic components integrated in the machine housing

  • Web direction from right to left
    Manuel and Documentation in English or local language
    CE Declaration of Conformity

Technical Data 

  • Voltage : 240 Volt

  • Electrical Power: 1,80 KW

  • Current: 10 Ampere

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • Length x Width x Height ca.: 900 mm x 900 mm x 1.200 mm

  • Weight ca.: ca. 520 kg