Inspection Rewinders
EASYline INS1-320 and EASYline INS1-500

The Inspection rewinders EASYline INS1-320 and EASYline INS1-500  support employees in checking and counting meters or labels of web materials such as paper, foils, adhesive label and laminates up to 800gr./m2.

The Simple and efficent design of the Systems enables extremely short set-up and chengeover times and can be easily operated after only a short training period. The speeds can be controlled electronically. After reaching a preset number of labels or running meters, the machines stop automatically.

Material to be processed: Adhesive Label, Paper, Laminates up to 800gr./m².

Inspektionsumroller EASYline INS1-320 und EASYline INS1-500

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Equipment of the EASYline INS1-320 and EASYline INS1-500

Steel frames

  • Seitenplatten aus lackierten Stahlplatten

  • Sides and cover plates made of sheet steel. 

  • Elektronics integrated in the machine housing

  • Connection 240 Volt

Unwinding with pneumatic expansions shaft

  • Right/left unwind possible 

  • Web tension adjustable via spring coupling

  • Pneumatic Airshaft 76 mm

  • Roll Diameter max. 500 mm

  • Roll weight max. 80kg

  • Material width from 50 mm to 320 mm / 500 mm

Draw unit 

  • Stell roller 

  • Rubberized pressure Roller 

  • Adjustable contact pressure of the contact rollers

  • Electric motor drive powered

  • Web speed up to 80m/min depending on product


  • Area 420 mm / 520 mm x 1.000 mm

  • Illumination from below

  • Beleuchtung from above


  • Switching option from label counter to running meter counter

  • The machine stops when the preselected quantity/length is ready


  • Pneumatc Airshaft for 3 inch holes

  • Web tension adjustable via spring coupling

  • Roll Diameter max. 500 mm

  • Legal Axle weight 80 kg

Operating and Control unit 

  • Main switch 

  • ON/OFF Switch

  • Machine START / STOP

  • Emergency/Stop 

  • Variable speed by rotary potentiometer

  • Meter and counter switchable

  • Elektrical components integrated in the machine housing

  • Web run from left to right 

Techninical Data

  • Voltage: 240 Volt

  • Elektric line: 0,30KW / 0,80KW

  • Current: 2 Ampere

  • Frequenzy 50 Hz

  • Length x Width x High: ca. 1.700 mm x 600 mm / 800 mm x 1.200 mm

  • Weight: ca. 160 kg / 185 kg