Label printing machine EASYline FD1-320

The Label printing machine EASYline FD1-320 enables the register exact production of labels, printing od adhesive tapes, papers and foils from any roll materials such as paper, foils, adhesive labels and laminates up to 600gr./m². It converts and controls web shaped materials up to a width of 320 mm.

The robust machine,  consisting of a solid steel frame, can be operated without any problems after a short training period.

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Etikettendruckmaschine EASYline FD1-320

Equipment of the Label printing machine EASYline FD1-320


  • The main drive is infinitely variable via frequency converter. All open or closed Unwinder are controlled by magnetic powder brakes and clutch.

  • Printing unit with the ceramic screen roller, which is characterized by its wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Doctor blade for doctoring the anilox roller

  • Register adjustable over 360 degrees

  • Each printing unit can be unlocked seperately when not in use. 

  • Each printing unit is equipped with a seperate infrared dryer. At low speed, the chliche cylinders lift of material and continue rotating at slow speed. 

  • Printing drying, laminating and die cutting is done in one operation (laminator optional).

  • Complete with thee sets of impression cylinders. Printing, drying, laminating and punching takes place in one operation (Laminating optional) Complete with three Set of pressure cylinders 

  • Drucken, Trocknen, Laminieren und Stanzen erfolgt in einem Arbeitsgang (Laminierung optional)

  • Komplett mit drei Satz Druckzylindern

Description of the modules

  • Unwinder

    • Pneumatic tension Shaft for 76 mm cores

    • One magnetic powder brake  50 Newton and one magnetic powder brake  25 Newton

    • Automatic Web tension
      One magnetic powder brake 50 newton

    • Automatic web guiding

  • Printed work

    • One ceramic anilox roller per printing

    • One ralkel per printing

    • Three printing cylinders (please statenr. of teeth)

    • One infared dryer per printing

    • Unit turnstile (Turn bar) for printing the reverse side

  • Roll up 

    • Pneumatic tension Shaft for 76 mm cores

    • Automatic Web tension
      One magnetic powder brake 50 newton

    • Eine Magnetpulverbremse 50 Newton

Technical Data

  • Model: PROFIline FD1-320

  • Number of printing units: 1

  • Max. Material widtth: 320 mm

  • Max. print width: 310 mm

  • Printable materials: Paper 30-350 gr.

  • Print lenght: 175-355 mm

  • Machine speed: 70 m/min

  • Print speed : 30-70 m/min depending on material print image

  • Register accuracy: +/-0,1 mm

  • Diameter of unwind: 600 mm

  • Diamater of unwind: 500 mm

  • Anilox roller : 1 pc. Ceramic (Murata)

  • Ink feed system: Rakel

  • Web tension system: Automatic web tension control for unwind and rewind 

  • Pressure System: Mechanically adjustable

  • Drying: Infrared

  • Brake system: 50 Newton for unwinder

Electrical components

  • Power contactor: Schneider

  • Relay: Schneider

  • Counter: Schneider

  • Emergency Stop System: Schneider

  • Frequecy converter: Teco

  • Switch: Schneider

  • Thermostat: China brand

  • Solid state Relais: China brand

  • Web tension control: Mitsubisi for unwind, China Brand for rewind

  • Main Drive: Wannan China

  • Web guiding: Zhongxing China

Materials to be printed 

Look out! The supplier must be informed with materials acutally to be printed.

Different anilox rolers may be required for different materials.

  • LDPE 28-100 μ

  • LLDPE 30-100 μ

  • HDPE: 25-100μm

  • CPP: 20-60μm

  • PP: 23-65μm

  • NY: 20-50μm

  • PETP: 16-60μm

  • OPP: 18-70μm

  • BOPP: 17-60μm

  • OPA: 20-60μm

  • Coated Foil: 30-80

  • Aluminium: 25-200μm

  • Cellophan: 30-100gsm

  • Paper: 30-350gsm

  • Wrapping Paper: 30-100gsm