Rewinder/unwinder EASYline DP-500/1200

The EASYline DP-500/1200 winding or unwinding machine is suitable for winding or unwinding web-shaped materials.

Technical data

  • Electrical voltage 240 volt

  • Electric power 0,4 KW

  • Current 5 Ampere

  • Frequenzy 50 Hz

  • Length x width x height approx. 800 mm x 730 mm x 1.100 mm

  • Weight approx. 172 kg

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Auf- bzw. Abwickelmaschine EASYline DP-500/1200
Equipment of the EASYline DP-500/1200

Steel plate construction

  • Welded steel frame

  • Sides and cover plates made of 12 mm steel plate

  • Electronics integrated in machine housing

  • Connection 240 Volt

Dancer position regulation

  • Control of the speed by position of the dancer

Winding unit with pneumatic expansion shaft

  • Electric motor driven

  • Right/left winding/unwinding possible

  • Pneumatic expansion shaft 76 mm

  • Diameter max. Ø 1.200 mm

  • Roll weight max. 240 kg

  • Material width up to 500 mm

Operating and control unit

  • Main switch

  • Machine START / STOP

  • Emergency stop function with signal to pre-machine

  • Signal light and siren when maximum diameter is reached

  • web speed up to 80m/min